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Instructional Journals

Illustrated Journals of American Kenpo

For book orders call (805) 983-0827 or email [email protected] for your copy.

It wasn’t until recent technology that enabled us to provide these journals to the public at an affordable price.  A total of about 10 volumes will follow volume one.  It is several years in the making and all techniques are carefully demonstrated and discussed by Senior Instructors of American Kenpo Karate, Jesus and Refugio Flores.

“A must for all Kenpo students and Kenpo Instructors.”
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The books are designed to also be used as workbooks not just reading material.   The example below demonstrates the massive one-of-a-kind information discussed in these journals to have permitted us to title them…

“The Complete Illustrated Journal of American Kenpo Karate”

Sample: Volume 1 – Yellow Belt Techniques

9.  Attacking Mace (front straight right punch)

  1. From a natural stance (feet together) step back with your right foot while simultaneously executing an inward block to your opponents arm (blocking at or above the elbow). NOTE: Let distance be your best friend.  Step 1
  2. Execute a right horizontal punch to the opponents ribcage (forward bow stance) (body rotation) as you check with your left hand.  Step 2.
  3. Slide your right hand down to his wrist as you go into a grabbing check.  Simultaneously execute a right round house kick to the bladder or groin.   Steps 3 & 4
  4. As you plant, execute a left horizontal punch to your opponents kidney as your right hand pulls your opponents right arm diagonally and down.  Step 5
  5. Single cross-out.

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To order please contact Lori at [email protected]
Yellow through Blue Belt Journals