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Junior Program: (five to eleven)

  • Self•Defense Techniques
  • Respect
  • Disipline
  • Focus
  • Leadership Skills
  • Self Control
  • Setting Goals
  • Practicing
  • Teamwork

Junior Grappling: (five to eleven)
(Sifu Jesus Flores)

Teen/Adult Program: (ages twelve and up)
The Adult Program is the complete American Kenpo Karate system, as taught by Ed Parker. These programs include:

  • Awareness in Street Situations
  • Practical Self-Defense Techniques as well as Basics, Forms, Sets and Sparring
  • Explanation of Concepts and Principles employed in the techniques
  • Basic Fitness

Teen/Adult Weapons – Filipino Martial Arts
(Sifu Jesus Flores)

  • Certified under Giru Dan Inosanto
  • Kali
  • Maphilindo & Madjapahit Silat

Teen/Adult Jun Fan (JKD)
(Sifu Rick Benson)

  • Certified under Guro Dan Inosanto
    Simple & direct form of self defense