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I can’t believe that I have two doctors for my “kids” now! As I said, I am so
grateful and firmly believe that the concentration and ethics they are taught
at Flores Bros. Kenpo Karate helps to shape them into the humble and
well-achieving individuals they are today!

Best wishes, as always….Joy


The Flores Bros. have trained such fine students over the years.  Sifu Jesus is such a
legend it’s hard to find quality self-defense instruction.  The students and parents
at the studio are so close they are considered family.  Flores Bros. Kenpo Karate Studio
is the oldest studio in the county, in that alone says it all.  Thank you Sifu Jesus and Lori
for your dedication to Ventura County for the quality of instruction of such an incredible art.

The Mixons


On the advice of my son’s counselor to get him involved in martial arts as a way
for him to learn focus and self control and with strong recommendations from
several family friends to choose Flores Bros Kenpo Karate Studio in Oxnard, my
husband and I enrolled him in the fall of 2011. He immediately enjoyed the
structure and routine of the Flores Bros classes and discovered how well he
could balance and kick.
During his time under Sifu Jesus as well as the many other wonderful, patient and
caring instructors, my son’s  confidence and focus has improved as well as
his cooperation. He has learned that his hard work and effort will be
recognized and rewarded through positive feedback as well as advancement. I
truly appreciate the instructors at Flores Bros for helping my son change his
behavior and for creating such a positive environment for him to grow and
discover about himself in.



Walking into the Flores Bros. Studio you automatically feel a
sense of community of respect, family oriented, and the feeling of I belong
here. My children once said, ” Sifu Jesus is like an uncle to me and the
Karate Studio is like our second home”. Our children have been attending
for more then 5 years and Sifu Jesus has not only taught the children the importance
of self defense but also the ability to learn some long life skills such as;
having the positive attitude in gaining self confidence, using self control,
the importance of working in a cohesive team environment, setting short and
long term goals, teaching the children that practice will help you achieve your
goals and most of all having respect. We want to thank Sifu Jesus Flores and Lori
for all the time and dedication you have given the children, adults and
families. And for the quality of instruction you have given many children and
adults throughout the years.We are looking forward in enrolling our 2 year old
daughter when she turns 5.

The Izaguirre Family


Great place to sign up your kids for karate because the instructors are really knowledgeable. Not only is my daughter learning karate but she is also learning self control, discipline, and respect to name a few things.

V. Magana


Grand Master Sifu Jesus is a  10th degree black belt, who has a vast amount of knowledge in the art, he still has the commitment and passion for the art, and a pretty cool smile. Who else would you want your child to learn from, or yourself?

K. Mumford


Excellent, Grade-A, Traditional studio.  I’m a 6 year martial artist in another style, and I’ve been to many different studios and practiced a little in many other styles besides my primary style, and because of that I’m particular about studios and instructors.  This place is top notch, one of the best places I’ve had the pleasure of walking into.  Having just moved to the Oxnard area, I had hope…d to find a studio of a different style that I could begin learning, and I was lucky enough to check this place out.  I was welcome to try out as many classes as I could for a week to see if I liked it, so I did.  Though, it only took the first class, along with assessing the place and people upon entering, and I was hooked.  Kenpo, which I have previously had trained in a little bit, is already a great style, especially to be training under someone as knowledgeable, respectful, and respectable as Sifu Jesus Flores.  I gladly signed up for 2 years with this place, only because that’s the max i could have done (6 months was an option too, but I know this place is for me).  I’m 24 years old, in case that helps anyone, so I’m mostly speaking from an adult standpoint.  Though, as a previous instructor for a number of years, I can tell that his Jr. Adult/Childrens’ classes are excellent as well.  I get nothing out of writing this review, but if it helps even one person realize a great school (who might not know what to look for), then it’s worth stating my opinion.  Clean, well maintained, traditional, respectful, and all that other good stuff.  There’s no harm in stopping by and checking it out. Do yourself the favor… and good luck.
C. Godwin


I was a student of the Flores Bros Studio back in the 80s. It’s more than just a Karate studio. They raised me like I was one of their own. They taught me discipline, respect, mental toughness and what family was all about. The list goes on and on…

 G. Baylen


My boy, Danny (7 years old) testing for his Blue Belt today. Sifu Jesus really works great with kids.

H. Salas


Sifu Jesus is an excellent teacher & role model for any child or adult!

D. Figlio